BOOK REVIEW: CINDERELLA OR THE LITTLE GLASS SLIPPER-By Charles Perrault, illustrated by Camille Rose Garcia

Cinderella or The Little Glass Slipper combines the most popular 1697 version of the tale by Charles Perrault with the gothic illustrations of Camille Rose Garcia to give this classic story a whole new feel.

It’s funny how  illustrations can completely change the reading experience. Normally, when reading Perrault’s popular fairy tale, I would be taken to a Disneyesque world full of fluffy animals and doe eyed princesses waiting for equally squeaky clean and bland princes to come. But the illustrations in this edition gives it a different experience.

Camille Rose Garcia breathes  new life into this fairytale with her gothic-ragdoll like illustrations. Instead of being transported to the land of blond blue eyed beauty, when we fall down the rabbit hole into Cinderella’s world we find ourselves in a Tim Burtonesque world full of washed out reds, pinks and yellows, strange monstrous animals and absurd looking step sisters with flamingo like necks and strange, contorted bodies. The illustrations are a visual treat and worth reading this book alone for.

As for Perrault’s story, it is just the same story we’ve heard hundreds of times before- and not just from Disney. It’s  the Female Acceptance Fantasy that defined  Twilight (and hundreds of other stories aimed at teens) : a young girl is picked on to ridiculous extremes by Mean Girls, but she’s actually Prettier Than Them All and is loved by The Rich And Beautiful People (vampires or nobility) and is chosen to be his date to the prom (or the ball- some things never change).

If you like the Cinderella story, or you’re curious about reading its most definitive version, then here’s a good place to start.

Overall, I think my rating in a story like this is pretty irrelevant. The picture at the top of this review gives you a pretty good idea what to expect with the artwork. If you like the classic fairy tales and think that Camille’s artwork is something you’d like to see more of, then give this story a shot.

RATING: Four other people in the kingdom with size four feet who really could have thrown a monkey wrench in the plot / 5

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