REVIEW:MAGIC CLOUD – by Mathew Ferguson

When Nicholas buys a small foam cloud with “Magic Cloud” emblazoned down the side, he, Claudia, and Spanish plot to use it to escape Mrs Lennard’s forced labour class (also known as physical education).

It’s all a joke, right? A foam cloud with gold paint can’t really control the weather.

The Magic Cloud is a hilariously fun children’s story. I may be way outside the target demographic, but I don’t care, because this story is pure entertainment.

The story centers around a young wizard who has a penchant for casting spells that go hilariously wrong. Today is no exception, as in order to escape a phys session from the P.E. teacher from hell, he orders a magic weather machine to aid him (this situation is relatable to armed service personnel as well as children, as I can vouch that many of them sometimes secretly wish for a magic device that could get them out of those particularly gruesome phys sessions). The rest of the story plays out like a loony tunes episode..

The whole story was just so creative and so, so much fun. I loved seeing all the accidental effects that happen when the children do something to the rain machine (e.g. one of them gets chocolate on it, so it starts raining chocolate); I love how the PE teacher is completely unphased by the presence of a magical tornado and still tries to continue the PE lesson. I also love how the children rtalk and think like children and this is reflected in the narrative.

I just really enjoyed this story because it was just plain, unadulterated fun. I would recommend this to parents who want something funny to read their children, or big kids who just want something silly that will put a smile on their face.

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