Did you know Shere Khan had a Disney Villain song?

Oh the things you find on the internet…Shere Khan was one of Disney’s finest villains and even though he only showed up for a tiny percentage of the film, he was built up to be such an object of fear that when he appeared, by God, was he magnificent in all his foppish, British gloriousness.

Yet, this great villain never had a Villain song-  Even Evil Winnie the Pooh got one, but Shere Khan? Nada. Apparantly, Jeremy Irons is the only evil feline that’s allowed to express his evil intentions through the medium of song. At least, until this happened:

Okay, ‘enjoy the moment mancub/ you will never live to be a man’ isn’t exactly lyrical genius, but who cares? Shere Khan is oozing sophisticated British deviousness in his softly spoken threats to Mowgli. He doesn’t need to yell. He doesn’t even need to raise his voice. He is so self assured that he purrs his threats to Mowgli.

So where did this song come from? Well, back in the days when playstation had loading bars which would last forever and everything looked  Porygon wrong, Disney thought ‘you know what the Jungle Book will go well with? Dance Dance revolution.’ So yes, they actually made a Jungle Book dance game. You seriously have to see it to believe it:

Why ? Why did this happen? The dance moves don’t even go with the beat and Mowgli looks like he’s standing around twitching while Shere Khan looks like a cat who’s started a fight with his own refection. The Jungle Book Groove Party looks like a horrible, horrible idea, but if it gave Shere Khan his own song, I’m glad it exists… even if its reason forr existence will be something I’ll never fully understand.

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