When I went to see Zootopia yesterday (review will be up soon),I saw a trailer for the live action version of The Jungle Book. Any film involving talking CGI animals and child actors is always a cause for concern, but this surprisingly looks very, very promising:

First impressions were that the CGI was brilliant. With films full of talking animals, it has to be spot on or you spend two hours looking at an eyesore, but these animals look real and deadly. It looks very action heavy and like it’ll be an adventure but with a mix of humour too.

I think it’s sad that Kaa will no longer be voiced by the person who did Winnie the Pooh… I always liked to imagine that one day Winnie the Pooh had just snapped and decided to devour Christopher Robin before getting a taste for mancub…

I liked that they actually got an Indian kid to play Mowgli instead of putting a load of fake tan on a white actor (ala the awful ‘yellow face’ of Avatar The Last Air Bender). As the primary human acting opposite a lot of CGI animals, that’s a lot of work for an actor so young, but Neel Sethi looks alright in the trailor and time will only tell how it will pan out. Until then I remain hopefully optimistic.

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