Wonderwoman Trailer Review: First Thoughts

I just finished watching this trailer and I first thought: Holy crap! Did Snyder make a terrible mistake? Did he ACTUALLY make a post Nolan DC film that could actually be fun? What the hell is he playing at!

First off, Zack Snyder’s actually managed to step away from the bleached out effects and go for some colour. It looks like 300 in amazon (is it me or does that throne in 0:51 look a lot like that throne the Gimp King  Xerxes rode to meet Leonaidas)? The bit with the amazon using a zipwire and bow and arrow was THE dumbest action scene I’ve ever seen since, well, The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, but it all looks so bombastic and fun. Maybe Snyder can go back to what made 300 such a big, stupid, glorious rollarcoaster and leave behind what made Batman vs Superman more souless.

Plus, as a woman, it’s nice they got someone who doesn’t look like a hobo to play Steve Trevor – or as Mera put it in DC Bombshells:


He’s pretty hot, with big blue sincere eyes. As a Love Interest of a main super hero, Steve’s never really struck a cord with people like, say, Lois Lane, Catwoman (though she’s infinately more than a love interest), Mary Jane or Spider Gwen Gwen Stacy. As a character, he looks like he might be interesting- and seeing a super woman dating an ordinary man is a refreshing change of pace. Plus, if it’ll get rid of the Superman/ Wonderwoman pairing it’s a plus. I hope it won’t go the opposite way, and turn this into a romance or make this the Steve Trevor show instead of Wonder Woman (after seeing this happen so often with female lead stories, its always a worry), but again hopeful and OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE THAT BUILDING EXPLODE???

Verdict: You have to remember that the trailer of 300: Rise of an Empire looked awesome, even though its leads had the personality of boiled squid and it was carried by Eva Green, but still, there’s hope that even if its not good it’ll at least be fun. My thoughts when it’s released?


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