Frankie Boyle’s American Autopsy: A Crusade Against Political Correctness

Frankie Boyle has always been the mortal enemy of political correctness; his shock value humor always  put him at odds with his co hosts on Mock The Week before he leftand he launched an attack on Right Wing Theresa May’s cabinet that was so scathing (and totally true) that the left wing Guardian refused to publish it. Frankie Boyle’s humor is black and brutal, whatever his mark. However, Frankie Boyle is at his sharpest when his uncompromising, savage tirades become politically charged. And on Frankie Boyle’s American Autopsy, we see his most devastating dress down yet: the circus of scandal and bigotry that was the American elections.

The BBC is oh so diplomatic and so obsessed with balanced that in a debate between William Wilberforce and Satan himself they’d make sure to mention that Satan always provides his residents in hell with reliable heating for the sake of being non partisan; Frankie Boyle, on the other hand, doesn’t give a fuck. Free to say what he wants thanks to being placed directly on iPlayer, right out the gate he pulls no punches with Trump:

‘It’s not that he’s the worst person for the job, he’s the worst mammal.’

And he only becomes more scathing  as he relentlessly rips into what happened at the election. Don’t think Hilary gets spared any rough treatment, because he destroys her as well:

‘People said well, er, Hillary was the best qualified candidate ever […] that’s not the problem. Peter Sutcliffe was an excellent truck driver.’

He goes on to criticize her for her total lack of charisma and described her as the worst candidate ever. His American guests are there to help him discuss the events surrounding the elections, and they’re amiable and entertaining enough. Sometimes it slips into political talk rather than comedy, but when the president is a man who has the world fearing that he’ll accidentally lean on the ‘Nuke the world’ button when he’s reaching for a pussy to grab, venting a little shock, horror and bemusal is the sugar that’s needed to help the anthrax go down. Still, Frankie Boyle is absolutely best when he’s raging solo, and when it’s just him laying into his target he’s hilarious and never loses its momentum for even a second. But even though he’s insulted everyone and everything at some point in his career, there will no doubt be many who think his show is a left wing conspiracy.

Even though Frankie Boyle is the man who drinks the tears of the Offended Class like a fine wine, people will accuse the misanthrope  who compared Palestine to a cake being ‘punched to pieces by a very angry Jew’ of being ‘politically correct’, because we’ve barely started legitimately criticizing that culture and we’ve already devolved to a point where we’d scream that phrase at Atticus during the scene in To Kill A Mockingbird where he tries to stop a lynching. Let’s be clear. Being suspicious of a man who’s strangely unwilling to rebuke support from the KKK is not being politically correct. Thinking it’s hilarious that a wealthy billionaire , who ruined the  Scottish countryside and placed working class  locals under risk of compulsory eviction for the sake of building a luxury golf course, is somehow an anti establishment hero, is not political correctness; it’s having a sense of irony. Attacking politicians and refusing to be entirely swept away by either party is vital, because raising any politician- even the most virtuous one in the world- to the level of Messiah is deadly and leaves you wide open to being manipulated.

And that’s one thing Frankie Boyle realizes too; he takes no prisoners, won’t introduce ‘balance’ arbitrarily if one side’s full of shit, and that’s why so often his political opinions are more honest and spot on than most journalistic articles.


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