Okay, so here we have the trailer for 2017s Oscar bait- a feel good film set in World War II about the actions of One Good Woman who shines a candle of light in the darkness of the worst time in European history.  Cinematically, it looks pretty crisp; bright colors and beautiful visuals that keep it uplifting in spite of its subject matter and its operatic choir tells us how important it is. It’ll probably be a good a film- these kind of films usually are, even if we all would secretly be watching The Avengers.

This is an interesting time for the film to come out; only a few years ago- no, everyone a few months ago-   would be in agreement saying ‘yup: internment camps, concentration camps and the holocaust was shit, thank God we’re all past that’. But not at the moment. Now we live in a time where the rhetoric has gotten so nasty, that it’s given licence for people to indulge in the worst of human nature- the KKK is no longer just a fringe relic, swastikas are now beginning to emerge again.

In this climate, even a film as innocuous as this will be controversial, and it wouldn’t surprise me if its inevitable academy award wins will be deemed as ‘Political Correctness Gone Mad’. We’ll just have to wait and see how the traditional Oscar Bait will be recieved in this climate

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