TRAILER REVIEW: Beauty and the Beast and Holy crap did Belle just pull out a wand?

The new trailer’s out and holy cow did Hermione just pull out a wand at 0:38? Yeah, it looks like Belle’s trying to remember her past life, but doesn’t realize that although she’s got the cool bookworm down, she doesn’t have any of those kickass powers that she used to save the boys so many times in the Harry Potter films.

So far, this is a tricky sell. The original fairytale is one that was originally used to convince young girls to marry much, much older men for the sake of the family. It was a pretty nauseating story, and yet the talent and excellent writing of the Disney film made it into a pure joy. Unlike with Cinderella- which was merely fun and enjoyable and an achievement for its time- Beauty and The Beast was one of the greatest Disney films ever made. So how can it compete.

Well, it looks gorgeous. No expense was spared to the set, Watson is great and the Beast looks convincing, and thanks to the original they’ve got a pretty damn good blueprint from which to work from. It’ll probably be good- and yet the support cast- including the cutlery look too close to the original. The thing is that the original was so good, that if it tries to be its live action copy it’ll always be its pale shadow. The cups look nice, but the CGI can’t capture the charm of the original.

All in all, it looks like it’ll be good but whether it’ll be able to strike out as its own thing is another matter.

Also, Gaston better be as funny as this guy: