REVIEW: The Scent of Sunlight- by Annie Bellet


Single mother Queenie Hayes struggles to support her two young children and tells them stories of a world filled with sunlight instead of concrete, a world called the Veldt where magical creatures are abound and her family roams, free from the trials of the real world. As a social worker threatens to break apart her family, the Veldt offers her family a chance to escape if she can find the courage, and imagination, to reach for it.

The Scent Of Sunlight is one of the best short stories that I have ever read.¬†Forget the sexy ‘strong independent sassy ass kickers’ ,¬†Queenie is a far more real and admirable woman than the legions of ‘grrl power’ protagonists who populate urban fantasy. Continue reading REVIEW: The Scent of Sunlight- by Annie Bellet