As we well know, Superheroine costumes have long been infamous for being little more than adolescent fap material- and some are complete trainwrecks like Starfire- and look generic and uninspired.However, recently there have been some truly excellent looking female designs, that look badass, practical (well, by the standard of superhero costumes anyhow), non sexualised and distinctive.

5. Wonderwoman



Wondie’s costume has been redesigned many times  over the years, what with her outfit getting skimpier and skimpier, and then other artists trying to fix that by giving her pants, a jacket and gigantic shoulder pads.

I think Tony Daniel might have nailed it with the rebirth design. A lot of the rebirth designs seem to be trying to make the iconic characters look more like their mainstream movie counterparts, and this seems to be the case with Wonderwoman too. It keeps close to the iconic routes- what with being colorful, but the changes make sense here.

She looks more like a warrior from the Grecean times, and her sword and shield make her look more deadly (and providing more options for the fight scenes), and since her bracelets deflect bullets it makes more sense for them to be bigger.The skirt resembles the kind of armour worn at the time more, and  I like that she’s lost the heels, though I’m not sure if the fact that the metal boots cover the kneecap will restrict mobility or not. However, yes to the cape so much. This is definately a step in the right direction for Wondie.

4. Female Thor 


Russell Dauterman did an amazing job on this. From her long cape, her ferocious winged masked, and armour which could actually protect her, she truly looks like a heroine who could kick ass.

I also love that her proportions are good, and she actually looks like a fit and athletic woman without weird ginorma-boobs that are held up by the force of magic.

3. Batwoman


This is gorgeous and has an amazing use of colours. It both keeps the menace of Batman’s design, but is completely different, and I love the ash white skin against the black costume, and the gorgeously vivid reds. Anything J.H. Williams III touches is astounding to look at, and he and Greg Rucka did an amazing job in reimagining the character.


2. Spider Gwen



I think the creative team of Spider-Gwen Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez did a great job  on her. They could have so easily have gone the easy route of just putting Gwen in Peter Parker’s suit, but they really did something different.

It’s not sexualised, and the hood gives it a unique and modern feel. I also like the colour scheme, and it kind of looks similar to something a young woman would wear out in the street.



This is my absolute redesign ever. Designed by Tarr and Cameron, this design keeps Batgirl’s iconic routes but updates them and makes them look more practical. I love how the boob socks are gone and we have a leather jacket, and the more practical shoes are excellent.